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We're back!

Since the elimination of federal funding in June 2014, we've heard from many of you that our library and web applications are critically important to the delivery of literacy and workplace learning programs all across Canada and internationally. So we've focused on bringing back our services in a modified form to allow everyone access to our vast database of resources. We've developed a new, streamlined version of our library that still gives you access to everything you had before. While we will no longer be adding anything new (for the time being) everything that we've collected since our inception in 1989 is still available.

As with any site that is not actively maintained on a daily basis, some of our information may become stale or outdated, especially in areas like our contacts listing and connections to tools on other websites. We're sorry, but at this point that's the best we can do, while we work on developing a sustainable business model.

If you value our services and the information you are receiving from us and would like to see the service continue, we ask you to please consider making a tax-deductable donation by clicking the button below.

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