Lesson Plans for the Literacy Lab

Parts of a Computer

by Elyse Schwartz


Lesson Plans:
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Handout 1-1 Adobe PDF Format PDF, Microsoft Word Format Word


  • Learners will be able to read and write vocabulary for the parts of the computer.


  • Learners will be able to name the parts of a computer.


Lesson 1 - Handout 1; for the variation described below, a computer and post-it notes would be required


Although many learners will probably know the names for the parts of a computer, they may not recognize the written words. In order to follow written instructions that will be encountered later, it is important that the learners recognize these words.


Have the learners label the numbered diagram Lesson 1 - Handout 1, choosing the appropriate words from the list at the bottom of the page. The number of letters for each word is indicated by the dashed line.


For lower levels, put each word or phrase on a separate post-it note, and have the learners stick these on a computer in the proper places. The notes could also be put on in the wrong places by the teacher, and the learners would be instructed to rearrange them correctly.

Handout 1-1 Parts of a Computer

on/off button microphone CD drive
screen floppy disk drive CD
monitor mouse printer
keyboard floppy disk earphones