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Commercial materials

This page contains a list of publishers and/or distributors that have literacy/essential skills material for sale. The coordinates for these organizations can be found in this list. Please contact these groups if you are interested in ordering their material. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/4b8447c1ebe47b80a323afab290347ff.jpg

ABC Life Literacy Canada

110 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 604
Toronto, ON M4P 2Y1
Tel.: 416-218-0010—Toll-free: 1-800-303-1004
Fax: 416-218-0457
Publications Order Form:

This list of publications includes a number of adult literacy resources, as well as workplace literacy documents produced by the organization. Available for sale are research reports, handbooks and resource books. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/50323c8d6f0fad2108dc6e6039d54521.jpg

ArrowMight Canada Ltd.

99 Fifth Avenue, Suite 16
Ottawa, ON K1S 5K4
Tel.: 613-232-0901 —Toll-free: 1-877-332-0901
Fax: 613-232-8249
Course package:

ArrowMight Canada is a team of 20 education specialists including First Nations, Inuit and Métis consultants. They collaborate with IPLAC (Instituto Pedagogico LatinoAmericano y Caribeno) to deliver a compelling, cost-effective and rewarding literacy program that enables English-speaking Canadians, Aboriginal and immigrant students to achieve their life goals. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/e014947b04b150cdcfd688b6c71ece62.jpg

Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training (ASPECT)

975 Alston Street
Victoria, BC V9A 3S5
Tel.: 250-382-9675—Toll-free: 1-866-287-4957
Fax: 250-382-9677
Product information:

ASPECT seeks innovative resources for career development professionals and jobseekers, and identifies gaps in the availability of resource materials. Through input from community-based trainers, ASPECT has created a variety of resources especially for training facilitators. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/f419346a50d74b1f2d088c023e13141a.jpg

Canadian Pediatric Society

2305 St. Laurent Boulevard
Ottawa, ON K1G 4J8
Tel.: 613-526-9397—Fax: 613-526-3332
Bookstore - For Parents and Caregivers:

In this online bookstore, parents and caregivers will find books, pamphlets, and videos to help them care for kids. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/d2365e7b9c19c7abb11676bf3ce4d29b.jpg

Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB)

200 Elgin Street, Suite 803
Ottawa, ON K2P 1L5
Tel.: 613-230-7729—Fax: 613-230-9305
Publications and Resources:

The CCLB provides a range of publications and materials to support the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) for a growing community of practice – for both English as a Second Language and French as a Second Language. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/bf0b2b04a35c4962fecf0a66c91bdc09.jpg

Centre for Education and Work

3227 Roblin Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB R3R 0C2
Tel.: 204-885-2957—Fax: 204-885-2958
Educational Products Catalogue:

The resources produced by the Centre can help you evaluate your current training and employee knowledge through to delivering and assessing ongoing training initiatives; for example, the Facilitator Guide for Literacy Practitioners, which also includes a DVD. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/a0ace5db43a9610b5420f766c6c0ad4d.jpg

Centre for Family Literacy

11642 142 St. Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5V 1M4
Tel.: 780-421-7323—Toll-free: 1-866-421-7323
Fax: 780-421-7324
Literacy Resources:

Among the resources available are: materials for students, tutors and those in various programs in addition to workbooks, tutor-assisted resources, fiction and non-fiction assessed for various reading levels. Of particular note is Foundations in Family Literacy (Centre for Family Literacy, 2009), a made-in-Canada approach to family literacy that was developed by leaders in the field from across the country. For further information on this six-module resource package, or to order, please contact the Centre for Family Literacy. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/8d94c0b5d1e1588a334e23d91f9f3671.jpg

The Conference Board of Canada

255 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON K1H 8M7
Tel.: 613-526-3280—Toll-free: 1-866-711-2262
Fax: 613-526-4857

The Conference Board of Canada produces hundreds of research reports that provide objective analyses of key economic, organizational performance and public policy issues. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/7a6ba3066abe275b75eb3549ca24a783.jpg

Eye On Literacy

3 Garland Place
St. Albert, AB T8N 1A7
Tel.: 780-246-5567
Publication price list:

Eye On Literacy's purpose is to provide quality visuals as instructional resources that capitalize on oral language skills of adult second language literacy learners with limited schooling. We believe second language classes benefit by having access to resources that help create learner-generated texts. There are currently nine sets of books accompanied by methodology and tasks which are available on the website. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/05a010e6e0cef43998548e2cb0c6477f.jpg

Frontier College New Readers Bookstore

Frontier College
35 Jackes Avenue
Toronto, ON M4T 1E2
Tel.: 416-923-3591—Toll-free: 1-800-555-6523
Fax: 416-323-3522

This online bookstore has a wide variety of resources for tutors, trainers, teachers and learners. It contains titles of interest to low literacy readers that support students’ writing skills, dictionaries and reference books for students, resources for volunteer tutors and literacy instructors, etc. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/da5b3bcbf4fb8bda72f008af83afd371.jpg

Further Education Society of Alberta (FESA)

#52—3033 34th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 6X2
Tel.: 403-250-5034—Fax: 403-250-5029
Buy FESA materials:

You can order FESA materials - Literacy and Parenting Skills (LAPS) and its translation “Grandir avec mon enfant“, other LAPS Manuals and Videos, as well as PATHS: A Community Response to ESL Literacy & Language Development. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/0c343955d35d6f6a88de2aa7d2ad405f.jpg

Grass Roots Press

6520—82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6B 0E7
Tel.: 780-413-6491—Toll-free: 1-888-303-3213
Fax: 780-413-6582

Grass Roots Press has an international reputation for publishing high-quality resources for adult basic education and English as a Second Language communities. The company carries over 500 books, DVDs, and software packages and it publishes assessment tools, workbooks, photo stories, biographies, and literature -- publications that enhance adults' literacy skills. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/ecb20f2eb90177e1e4f83efc97fe66da.jpg

Hutton House Learning Centre

Cherryhill Village Mall
301 Oxford St. W.
London, ON N6H 1S6
Tel.: (519) 472-1541—Fax: (519) 472-3411
Online Store:

Hutton House supports the inclusion of youth and adults with disabilities in community life through opportunities in training, employment, education, etc. They publish the Adult Literacy Series, among which can be found some resource guides, The Opposite Books for learners and The Learners’ Stories. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/a3ef653ed7110393b911b6c536498f7d.jpg

Laubach Literacy Ontario

Laubach Literacy Bookstore and New Readers Books
8A—65 Noecker Street
Waterloo, ON N2J 2R6
Tel.: 519-743-3309—Toll-free: 1-866-608-2574
Fax: 519-743-7520
LLO Bookstore:

The bookstore includes LLO publications and bestsellers from New Readers Press, such as Challenger Way to Reading series; GED Skills Workbooks, etc. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/417ca5f84ed01eca6e403533e8401b03.jpg

Ningwakwe Learning Press

c/o Saugeen First Nation
G.M.B. 56, Suite 3A
Southampton, ON N0H 2L0
Tel.: 519-372-9855—Toll-free: 1-888-551-9757
Fax: 519-372-1684

NLP publishes and distributes culturally appropriate resources for the Aboriginal literacy field., including essential skills learning materials. The materials incorporate a holistic approach to learning. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/061ede36050d9d7af935c21c92fe1acf.jpg

Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

720 Bathurst St., Suite 500A
Toronto, ON M5S 2R4
Tel.: 416-588-5234—Fax: 416-588-1355
Resources for purchase:

A variety of family literacy resources are available for purchase, including rhyme books and CDs in English and French, storybooks, training manuals, and videos. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/b1276050533afdf8d7930266ccdcc1a7.jpg

Practika Learning: CLO’s Social Enterprise

c/o Community Literacy of Ontario
80 Bradford Street #508
Barrie, ON L4N 6S7
Tel.: 705-733-2312 —Fax: 705-733-6197

Practika Learning has three main products: 1-Webinars and Workshops - delivering webinars and workshops on a variety of topics relating to social media, online learning, organizational capacity development and risk management; 2-E-books - producing and selling high quality e-books on online learning, organizational capacity development and risk management on Amazon; 3-Print Books - an online bookstore for the sale of print books on online learning and organizational capacity development. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/a39705228774080217a0f3799a2ffa74.jpg

PTP Adult Learning & Employment Programs

East and West Locations
201-815 Danforth Ave. and 200-5415 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON M4J 1L2 and M9B 1B5
Tel.: 416-510-3266—Fax: 416-510-2566

Through research and evaluation, PTP strives to provide the most effective, accessible, integrated and flexible workplace supports to those with literacy and language barriers to employment. PTP publications include the following: the Curriculum Guidelines known as Signposts, which provide instructional ideas and informal assessment activities that allow instructors to program effectively for learners bound for entry-level jobs across employment sectors; the CAMERA (Communication and Math Employment Readiness Assessment) to assess essential skills; the workwrite series, a set of instructional workbooks and teachers’ guides focusing on the features and functions of workplace documents; and Building for the Future (BFF), designed as a career exploration resource for adults or youth interested in exploring skilled trades. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/13a0b0a036e9af0ec43223778e0600a0.jpg

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network (SALN)

2401 Thayer Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7L 5Y1
Tel.: 306-934-2632—Fax: 306-934-2633
SALN Store:

SALN sells resources for the Aboriginal literacy field. Reading material is available, such as an anthology where learners write in English and in their own language. Also for purchase is a Resource Directory - a listing of Aboriginal programs and other resources in Saskatchewan. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/c518fce9a5e6a50a465f09bde73175ad.jpg

SkillPlan—BC Construction Industry Skills Improvement Council

3701 Hastings Street, Suite 405
Burnaby, BC V5C 2H6
Tel.: 604-436-1126—Fax: 604-436-1149

SkillPlan has developed several resources which contribute to essential skills development. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/2d1740ffdb5ddb80bf77f36a8292735f.jpg

Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES)

Bow Valley College
332—6th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4S6
Tel.: 403-410-3200—Fax: 403-297-4070
Products & Services:

TOWES assessments and products are valid, reliable and adhere to a high standard of quality. There are workplace training products such as “Building Workplace Essential Skills”. ./themes/nald/images/thumbnails/f5d819ac06c76829cd6433b09d29fba7.jpg


UNESCO Publishing
Commercial Services
7, Place de Fontenoy
F—75352 Paris, France

UNESCO Publishing is the publishing arm of the organization. This site presents titles currently for sale in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic published or co-published by UNESCO. These include books, multimedia (DVDs, CD-Roms, VHS videos), periodicals, and scientific maps for professionals.

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