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Feature of the month | March 2009

The government of Quebec marks a milestone in its history this month. March 18 is the first anniversary of the announcement of Pacte pour l’Emploi – the Employment Pact.

During the launch of the program last year, Premier Jean Charest said Quebec does not lack work but it lacks skilled workers. The program will improve the training of workers, help to grow the workforce base and make employment opportunities more enticing to those who are either out of work or underemployed, he said.

Working closely with the private sector, community organizations and education stakeholders, Quebec, through this innovative program, is investing in people and the value of work. By better training its workforce and better serving all regions of the province, it stands to boost business productivity, increase competitiveness and enhance the economy.

To learn more about Quebec’s employment challenges and its directions for the future go to:

To read about the original Pacte pour l’emploi (French only) go to and

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