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Feature of the month | April 2009

The Simcoe/Muskoka Literacy Network has developed a series of workforce curricula for use by practitioners with learners functioning at Essential Skills Level 1. The series was designed to help learners upgrade their literacy, numeracy and other essential skills in an entry-level, occupational context.

Included in the series are five occupational sector manuals – Clerical, Grounds Maintenance, Janitorial, Kitchen Help, and Retail – along with a sixth manual Ready for Work which focuses on the soft skills that are needed by all employees. The manuals include instructor notes, learning activities and demonstrations. Though best suited for use at beginner levels, including students with special needs, the manuals can also be adapted for use at somewhat higher levels.

The Simcoe/Muskoka Literacy Network is grateful to the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills at HRSDC for funding provided to complete this project. “We hope you will find the resources useful in preparing your students for employment or to access some of the higher-level workforce curricula that are already available,” said Stephanie Hobbs, executive director.

To view the series in the NALD@Work library go to:

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