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Feature of the month | October 2009

Frontier College celebrates its 110th anniversary this month with the launch of a historic exhibit at a fitting venue – Pier 21, Canada’s Immigration Museum – in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Frontier College: 110 Years is a travelling exhibition that is rich with stories of those early pioneers who supported the cause of literacy and learning. It was created by Dr. James Morrison, a Frontier College historian, a professor of history at Saint Mary’s University and a member of the Pier 21 Society’s board of directors.

“Frontier College is proud to partner with Pier 21 to celebrate our 110th anniversary of providing literacy programs to newcomers and Canadians from coast to coast,” said Sherry Campbell, president of Frontier College. “Over a million immigrants came through Pier 21 and it’s fitting that together we celebrate our work with newcomers.”

Established in 1899 by a small group of university students, Frontier College began its work as a national literacy organization by sending student volunteers to where they were most needed – at remote mines, logging sites and railway camps throughout Canada’s frontiers.

Over the course of its distinguished history, the legacy of these early workplace teachers lived on. Today through Frontier College, thousands of volunteers from all parts of Canada work with communities and reach out to Canadians with low literacy levels. Frontier College helps children, youth and adults realize their full potential and seize the opportunities that come their way.

The Frontier College exhibit will be on display in Pier 21’s Railside Meeting Room until November 2, 2009.

The national head office of Frontier College is located in Toronto. For general information, go to To learn more about literacy programs in your area, visit

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