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Feature of the month | January 2010

The Workplace Informal Learning Matrix (WILM) is a tool designed to help measure the complexity of informal learning in the workplace.

Created by the Centre for Education and Work at the University of Winnipeg, WILM consists of a series of specific scales used to determine the levels of essential skills required for a range of job classifications in the workplace. Over 50 companies from across Canada have helped the centre to design, develop, refine and validate the WILM matrices. These companies have also provided valuable feedback on many aspects of the tool.

The Workplace Informal Learning Matrix has a number of applications. It can be used as a self-assessment guide. It can also be used to assess the complexities of more than one employee or to explore strengths and weaknesses within work teams.

Thanks to WILM, both employers and employees are able to obtain valuable information about the level of informal learning needed in job profiles and job classifications.

For more information on WILM, go to WILM is also located in the NALD library at

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