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Feature of the month | March 2010

There comes a time when it’s important to blow your own horn.

Did you know that each month NALD releases user statistics in a feature known as the Top 20 downloads/20 Plus téléchargés? The report examines the number of library documents, in both English and French, which are viewed and downloaded by visitors to the websites NALD, NALD@Work, BDAA and BDAA@uTravail.

Topping the list for February 2010 was Academic Studies English: Support Materials and Exercises for Grammar, a perennial favourite among users visiting the online English library. During the month of February, a total of 61,297 users accessed the PDF document. Part of a series, this curriculum-based learning material was developed in 1998 by Leslie Childs for the former Community Academic Services Program (CASP) of New Brunswick.

The number of downloads for this document is proof that older resources can be just as popular and relevant to the learning process and the development of workplace literacy and essential skills as newer works.

Workplace literacy and essential skills documents in the NALD/NALD@Work library were downloaded approximately 45,000 times in January.

To view February’s Top 20 Downloads, go to

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