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Feature of the month | April 2010

Canadians on occasion venture across the U.S.-Canada border and find items that are unique and interesting.

This month NALD@Work, after an online visit, has come across the Workplace Bullying Institute, an American organization dedicated to the eradication of an age-old and very troublesome practice – workplace bullying.

The website draws much-needed attention to a problem that has a negative, ripple effect on individuals and organizations. The Workplace Bullying Institute offers free and confidential phone counselling for individuals, speeches and training modules for groups, tools for labour unions and consulting solutions for employers.

In addition, the site features links to relevant resources and articles in the news media. Among the articles is this recent story from Chatelaine magazine that delivers a Canadian perspective:

Many Canadian researchers, law-makers and organizations like the Canada Safety Council are taking steps to help put an end to workplace bullying. More people, more workplaces and more jurisdictions have to get involved in this important effort.

The Workplace Bullying Institute website is located at

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