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Feature of the month | May 2010

The HR Council for the Non-profit Sector has devised a diagnostic tool to help non-profit organizations evaluate their current performance in a number of human resources areas.

The HR CheckUp consists of 20 questions which allow you to determine the HR health of your organization.

Based on the results, a custom HR Prescription recommends tools, tips and strategies for both improving conditions and maintaining optimal HR health. The diagnostic tool allows organizations to compare results over time and against the aggregate results for your province/territory, organization size or area of activity to see how you measure up.

To access the tool go to

The HR Council is also hosting a series of monthly HR CheckUp e-clinics (webinars.) Each e-clinic will focus on a particular HR topic to introduce your organization to a range of HR tools and resources, and guide you through the remedial process step by step.

The HR CheckUp is funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program.

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