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Feature of the month | June 2010

Dr. Marc Glassman, an adult literacy specialist and a professor in the faculty of education at Memorial University, has won the first NALD Innovative Technology Award for computer-mediated, instructional modules he helped to develop for the carpentry and food-services sectors.

Implemented at the Stella Burry Community Services Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, this project has the potential to open the door to employment for adults hoping to work in these fields.

Stella Burry Community Services is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing and employment skills training for adults. The Workplace Literacy Project, headed by Dr. Glassman, engaged content experts in the areas of carpentry and the food-services industry to provide input on the essential skills, vocabulary and foundational knowledge in these two vocational areas. Dr. Glassman converted this content and designed an approach, based on learning experience and enabled by technology, to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

To view the modules, go to and

“Recognition should go to the adult learners who have utilized either one of these two sites,” Dr. Glassman said. “They have undertaken the far more difficult task of realizing their strengths and needs with regards to literacy, and have attempted to undertake a proactive way of helping themselves.”

To read the NALD announcement, go to the online news release.

Marc Glassman can be contacted at

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