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Feature of the month | August 2010

The Conference Board of Canada has produced a series of Organizational Effectiveness and Learning Case Studies that are included in the NALD online library.

One of the documents, A Multi-Faceted Approach to Literacy Skills Development at De Beers Canada, highlights a gem of a learning program and a company that appears to have embraced the people and the communities where it is based.

The Literacy and Educational Training Program has been in place since 2002 at De Beers Canada, a diamond mining and production company in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. You have to admire the play on words in the title of the case study, the in-depth review the document provides and the scope of the education program itself.

The De Beers case study goes beyond the workplace and actually depicts what life is like in Canada’s northern communities. Landmark legal cases establish new precedents. A Multi-Faceted Approach to Literacy Skills Development at De Beers Canada is a landmark case study which raises the bar for other industry enterprises.

“While other organizations have provided Northern communities with social support, such as low-income housing, etc., De Beers has focused on establishing programs that will provide longer-term benefits to the North,” the study says.

Innovative steps taken by De Beers:

  • Fully equipped on-site learning centres
  • An $800,000 training centre
  • Involvement in the Mine Training Society
  • The Books in Homes program
  • An education bridging pilot program
  • Support of the Northern Women in Mining Oil and Gas Program
  • Support for the Northern Student Education Initiative

For more information, you can read or download the entire case study or view other Conference Board of Canada publications in the NALD library.

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