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Feature of the month | September 2010

The New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour has implemented a training program that is benefitting many New Brunswickers.

The Workplace Essential Skills (WES) Program targets employers and employees in both the public and private sectors, in both official languages.

WES teams work throughout the province to:

  • conduct workplace training needs assessments
  • develop customized training that reflects the distinct needs of employees
  • provide resources for quality training
  • offer continued support throughout the training process, and
  • measure how well training objectives and employers’ expectations are being met

Certain aspects of the WES program are unique in Canada. In addition to its bilingual delivery, it is based on a comprehensive WES curriculum and is offered free of charge to all employers regardless of size or sector.

Funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick through the Canada-New Brunswick Labour Market Agreement, the WES program continues to expand. It currently includes 38 initiatives around the province.

WES is managed by seven regional offices. In addition, two new Centres of Excellence – one in Bathurst and the other in Saint John – provide leadership and expertise to help carry the WES program forward. The centres offer support in the development of training materials, help to build training delivery capacity, and conduct networking activities with provincial and national organizations.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees have the essential skills they need to succeed in the workplace. The WES program stands to benefit the individuals who need educational help, the employers who would reap the rewards of increased employee skill levels and productivity, and the economy that these workplaces support.

To learn more about the WES program, visit the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour website or call 1-877-444-0510.

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