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Feature of the month | December 2010

When looking for career and job search advice, never underestimate the extent and value of the resources available at your local public library.

Take Toronto Public Library for instance. It is the largest public library system in Canada including 99 branches and 11 million items to borrow or use in the library, in a wide variety of formats and in more than 100 different languages.

Toronto Public has information and materials to meet all your employment and educational needs. Its Career and Job Search Help section has subcategories that include: Market Yourself, Job Searching, Careers and Training, and Success. By browsing these areas, you'll come across handy tips, new titles to assist you in your research, and online tools. (You'll need a library card to access the latter.)

Career and Job Search Tips from Toronto Public Library

Market yourself:

  • Show potential employers how your skills would work for them.
  • Tailor cover letters for the specific job ad or company.
  • Prepare for job interviews through company research and interview tips.
  • Most job vacancies are not advertised. Find these hidden jobs through networking, cold calling and other strategies.

Job searching:

  • Learn about the newest and best online resources and strategies.
  • Link to some of the best job banks.
  • Find unadvertised jobs through company and industry research.
  • Organize your job search to optimize your job search time.

Careers and training:

  • Find out how to use your education and training or how to upgrade your skills.
  • Learn about careers and the labour market.
  • Study information about professions and trades.
  • Seek out upgrading programs and online tutorials to improve your marketable skills.


Whether you are starting your first job or making a mid-career change, success means:

  • Fitting into your workplace
  • Staying competitive
  • Knowing your rights, and
  • Finding the right balance between work and home life.

For more information, go to the Toronto Public Library's Career and Job Search Help Section at

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