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Feature of the month | January 2011

There is no debate surrounding the benefits of having a passport. It’s an excellent starting point for exploring new opportunities and frontiers.

The same can be said of the Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) database.

An instrument of Ontario’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the OSP provides clear descriptions of the essential skills and work habits important for work, learning and life.

The OSP offers common language, resources and tools to help build competence, confidence and connections. Groups that can benefit from these offerings include: high school students, adult learners, job seekers, workers, employers, teachers/trainers/practitioners, job developers and counsellors.

  • Learners and job seekers can use the OSP to identify the skills they already have so they can more easily make the transition to the workplace or to further education or training.
  • Workers can use the OSP to continue developing and gathering evidence of their skills so they may progress in their careers.
  • Employers can use the OSP for assessing the performance of individuals in the workplace with regard to essential skills and work habits, for assessing and recording demonstration of these skills and work habits, and for hiring and training employees.
  • Teachers, trainers, job developers, practitioners and counsellors can use the OSP to introduce relevant information on skills and occupation-related tasks in the classroom and in training programs. Thanks to the OSP, practitioners are able to identify expanded workplace-based opportunities and to match learners and job seekers with available work placements.

Unique features of the Ontario Skills Passport, in addition to new OSP tools and resources, are outlined in the OSP News.

To get an overview of the database, go to the handy OSP Flow Chart or the informative OSP Webcast (27 minutes).


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