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Feature of the month | May 2011

This important reference document, which can be accessed from the NALD Library, takes a look at Aboriginal human resources issues in Canada. It also provides practical information for promoting partnerships that lead to new and meaningful work for Aboriginal peoples.

The document includes information about Aboriginal populations in Canada; support that is available; and an overview of agreements that pertain to Aboriginal workers.

While Canada is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, a shortage of skilled workers could make it difficult to sustain that growth, the authors point out. Compounding that issue, Canada is experiencing an Aboriginal baby boom and the unemployment rate among Aboriginals in Canada was nearly three times the national average when the research referred to in this report was conducted.

Aboriginal people, along with foreign workers, are important sources of untapped labour in Canada, the authors note. With many sectors facing labour shortages and an aging population, “employers in all sectors would be well advised to consider strategies for accessing the Aboriginal labour market as an important resource (for) the Canadian economy.”

The authors hope the information contained in this document will help sector councils and other stakeholders better understand the roles and responsibilities of various organizations working to advance Aboriginal skills development in Canada. It is an evolving document intended to be updated periodically.

The publication was commissioned by The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC), the network of Canada’s sector councils that is dedicated to implementing industry-driven labour market solutions in key sectors of the economy. For more information about TASC, please visit its website.


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