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Feature of the month | June 2011

Essential Skills – Have You Used Yours Today? This is the title of a new teaching and learning package from the Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council (NLLLC).

The package, developed by literacy practitioner Linda Collier of Stephenville, in consultation with learners and literacy volunteers throughout the province, is suitable for any learner but it was specifically designed with older workers in mind.

This is an important resource for a key demographic since more and more baby boomers are deciding to stay in the workforce for longer than they had initially planned, and many over the age of 55, particularly women, are returning to work in greater numbers.

Essential Skills – Have You Used Yours Today? takes today’s technological work environments into consideration. Kudos to NLLLC for anticipating the ever-changing workplace and the growing need for literacy services to address essential skills development and workplace literacy.

“We are truly pleased to offer these materials to literacy practitioners across Canada as an effective tool for increasing essential skills, whether in one-on-one tutoring or group-learning environments,” says Margie Lewis, executive director of NLLLC.

The package contains a training manual, tutor handbook, tutor guides and student skill books based on key knowledge and practical skills for everyday living and working.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada funded this project through the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills.

For more information, visit the NLLLC website where you may apply to download the materials or to request a training workshop.


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