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Help / FAQ

Welcome to the new NALD website

We at NALD are happy to present our new and improved website.

In addition to a new, bold layout and a 30 per cent wider page, NALD has changed its interface to reflect a state-of-the-art content management system that will allow NALD to better meet the needs of the literacy community.

Objectives behind the redesign process

Through this redesign, we have:

  • Successfully migrated the old NALD website platform to a new Drupal content management system
  • Improved user access to literacy and essential skills information
  • Made significant improvements to better serve the literacy and essential skills community as needs evolve

Enhanced accessibility

Thanks to the new framework, NALD’s users are able to locate information quickly and easily with just two or three clicks.

More promotional space

NALD has freed up more of its front page for promotional purposes. A feature box at the top of the page is now used to highlight different items at different times.

What’s new on NALD?

New information is brought to you daily, front and centre, as the content of NALD is updated. Twenty new items are visible at any one time simply by scrolling down the front page.

More news and views

The information stream below the top display box features itemized NALD news including:

  • Headlines from the field of literacy and essential skills
  • New documents and newsletters in the NALD library
  • New websites that NALD has added to its catalogue
  • Important events happening in the field

RSS feeds

To help channel information from the literacy and essential skills field, NALD offers RSS feeds from both the front page and the Headlines section located in the top menu. Provincial news feeds are also available.

Send us your resources

NALD relies on user feedback and resources from the field. There are now section-specific Submit buttons people can use to get information about forwarding content to NALD with ease and speed.

Social media

New social media buttons – Delicious, Facebook and Twitter – are now adjacent to each news posting. Like a listing you see? Want to recommend it to your network? Click on the icon and spread the word. We happily welcome this expanded opportunity for broader dissemination of literacy and essential skills information we recognize is so important to Canadians.

Dedicated space

The ever-popular Story of the Week has a highlighted space each Monday at the top of the news field. Other noteworthy NALD items will be “pinned” periodically for special mention in a prominent display as warranted.

Virtual business cards

If you’re looking at NALD’s lists of resource persons and find a key individual you want to remember, our contact listings now feature virtual business cards. Users are able to import the contact information from our website to their email address book or copy it for future reference.

Search our website

There’s a lot to see on NALD. If you’re looking for something specific, use the new integrated Google search feature to locate the information you need.

More upgrades to come

Other sections, including the Library and Events databases, have been re-themed to incorporate the new look. New and dynamic functionality for both of these sections is currently in the planning stages.

Tell us what you think

NALD is committed to quality and innovation when it comes to improving its website, its online offerings and the NALD user experience. If you, as a NALD user, have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please let us know as soon as possible by writing to or calling our toll-free phone line: 1-800-720-6253.

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