Backbone, Funny Bone & Wishbone

To be successful in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. Without any of these “bones” you are nothing; with these “bones” you are something. These are not real bones, but they do help you in life. You need to have a dream, you need to be strong and you need to laugh.

I think you need a wishbone because without a wishbone you will never ever have a dream. What I am trying to say is you need a dream. Without a dream you have nothing in life. One of my dreams is to be a great basketball player. I know I will never be able to play in the N.B.A. but I can try to run a program for young youths and kids.

People should have a funny bone because if you don’t have one, you cannot enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoying life is the best thing to do if you have someone or somebody to spend it with. You also need to laugh at each other, at jokes, and about life in general. You need a great sense of humour to talk people in life.

Without a backbone you will never have confidence. You need a backbone. A backbone helps you when you’re put down in life. It helps you to pick up your spirit when you feel down. A backbone allows you to fail in life. If you do fail in life, a backbone will help to pick you up.

In conclusion, the three most important things in life you need are a backbone, a wishbone and a funny bone. We need all those things because if you don’t have that, you will never be successful in what you are putting your mind to. I know from experience that you need all these bones. I was always told in life that I will never become something just because I had a reading problem and I can’t be as fast as everyone else.

Written by: Colin

Colin concentrating on assignment