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A very long, long, time ago, our people lived in harmony with the animals, the plants, all living things and life was good. One day something happened and the people began to fight, there was jealousy and hatred, anger and fear, the people couldn't get along. Everywhere you went there was fighting. It was bad.

One day this little boy listened to his heart. He couldn't stand the ugliness and meanness that was going on about him. So he began to search for something to help his people. He began asking everyone, " What can I do to stop this?". No one knew. Finally, the people said, " Go to the elders for they have been here the longest. If anyone would know, they would."

So he went to the elders and asked, "What can I do to help my people, to stop all this fighting?" And the elders told him, " You must take four kernels of corn and walk. At the end of each day, you eat one kernel and at the end of the fourth day you will wait." So the little boy did this. At the end of the fourth day the little boy sat down and waited. Nobody knows how long he waited, but it was a long time. Then the Skawbawis came down from the sky and took the little boy away. He went past the moon, the sun and the stars. They travelled until they came to a lodge in the sky and the Skawbawis left him there. The little boy was afraid. Then he heard voices from inside the lodge, " Beedigeen, come in, we have been waiting." Inside the lodge there were seven Grandfathers. Each had a teaching to give him. There was a vessel there too and they told him to look inside. When he did he saw a beautiful tree. It had branches covered with leaves and birds and animals. It was the tree of life. Then it was time to go. Before he left, each Grandfather dipped his hand in the vessel and painted a colour on the little boy, so he would not forget the teachings that had been given and they told him, " Take these teachings to the people, they will help them, they will have harmony." Then the Skawbawis took the little boy back.

When the little boy woke up, he was very weak, so weak he could hardly move. After awhile, he reached his arm out and felt something, it was a plant. He put it in his mouth and ate it. After, he began to gain strength. He ate some more. When he was strong enough, he sat up. The sun was dawning behind him and it cast a shadow down the hill to a lodge. And then he remembered the teachings he had been given and brought them to the people.

Written by: Harold Flett

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