Many people contributed to the development of this handbook and resource guide. Their interest, enthusiasm, and suggestions were greatly appreciated. In particular, thanks go to Suzanne Henry, Bunny Cobb, and Donna Veldhoen for their unwavering support and patience; to the literacy program coordinators who helped to publicize the workshops; to all those volunteer tutors who completed the Volunteer Tutor Survey and/or provided feedback on the Handbook; to Stephanie Zack for volunteering to tabulate the Volunteer Tutor Survey results, and finally to Anna Polonyi for her excellent research, organizational, and editorial assistance.

Compiled and Edited by:

Charlene L. Ball
Volunteer Tutor Network Coordinator

Advisory Committee

  • Suzanne Henry, Coordinator, Literacy Partners of Manitoba
  • Anita Mohoric, Volunteer Tutor, Book Bridges
  • Eugene Osudar, Volunteer Tutor, Beat the Street
  • Darlene Schade, Volunteer Tutor, Salvation Army Computer Assisted Literacy
  • Joy So, Youth Program Coordinator/Instructor, Journeys Adult Education Centre
  • Barbara Thompson, Instructor, Stevenson Britannia Adult Literacy Program

Literacy Partners of Manitoba gratefully acknowledges the support of Human Resources Development Canada, the National Literacy Secretariat, and Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit (formerly Manitoba and Continuing Education Branch).

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