Appendix A
May 1996

Volunteer Tutor Mentors

The following volunteer tutors have offered to share their ideas and expertise with other tutors on request through an informal tutor mentor telephone network. Some have indicated specific areas of expertise and/or specific times during which they may be available. Please respect the times and/or time limits indicated, and the right of these volunteers to withdraw from the network at any time. Ideally, this directory will be updated once or twice per year. If you wish to have your name and number added or removed, or if you have suggestions as to how to further develop the mentor network, please contact Literacy Partners of Manitoba's Volunteer Tutor Network Coordinator at 947-5757.

Name Phone # Program/Specifics
Sherry Bailey 889-0222 Winnipeg Volunteer Reading Aides
Joan Cheyne 1-785-8504 Selkirk Independent Learning Centre
Ron Hamerling 222-8205 Educational Support Centre/RRCC
Ruth Henry 488-3533 Winnipeg Volunteer Reading Aides - evening referrals for limited information re strategies, success, materials
Shirley Kozak 334-1305 Selkirk Independent Learning, Centre -evenings/weekends
Alain Parent 694-0517(h)
943-0918 (at literacy program)
Beat the Street
-Sunday 6-10 pm; messages at program anytime; working with street people
Lorna Sanders 832-1816 Winnipeg Volunteer Reading Aides
Rob Sarginson 1-482-6248 Selkirk Independent Learning Centre -afternoons/evenings - specially: reading, vocabulary building, language acquisition - also numeracy, basic computer literacy and "learning" software
Kazombwa Simbeya 489-8681 Journeys - Adult Program
Barb Thiessen 837-7038 Journeys - Adult Program
Kathryn Wiley 275-0146 Winnipeg Volunteer Reading Aides - days and early evening (before 8:00) - lesson planning and fun exercises

Literacy Partners of Manitoba*

998-167 Lombard Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0V3.
Phone: 947-5757 FAX: 944-9918
Contact: Marg Rose, Executive Director

Literacy Partners of Manitoba is the provincial association for literacy practitioners and volunteer literacy tutors. Literacy Partners of Manitoba runs training events for learners, tutors and instructors; operates a lending library; responds to the LEARN Helpline published in the Yellow Pages; publishes a provincial newsletter, Write On!, for members; publishes a biannual learner newspaper, The Manitoba Literacy Star; and does pilot projects in the field of literacy. Staff and volunteers also mount displays for public education events. Office hours are by appointment for consultation. Library hours are: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1:00-4:00 p.m. or by appointment. Call Bonita Cobb, Librarian.

* Literacy Partners of Manitoba was formerly known as Literacy Workers Alliance of Manitoba (LWAM).

Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit
(formerly Literacy and Continuing Education Branch)
410-185 Carlton St.
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J1
Phone: 945-8247; FAX: 945-1792; Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069, Ext. 8247

The Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit of Manitoba Education and Training offers an extensive training and professional development program for volunteer tutors, new and experienced literacy practitioners. The Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit gives grants to part-time community-based literacy programs and provides ongoing support in the development and delivery of adult literacy programs. It also produces annually a Directory of Adult Literacy Programs in Manitoba and a booklet of Adult Literacy Training Events for volunteer tutors and practitioners. These are available on request free of charge.

Mary Lou Kuxhouse - Director

Robin Millar - Adult Learning Specialist: responsible for professional development

Judy Baker - Provincial Adult Literacy Coordinator

Sue Turner - Coordinator, Basic Education in the Workplace

Terry Lumb - Coordinator, Adult and Continuing Education

Marie Matheson - Rural Adult Literacy Coordinator
Phone: 1-204-726-6027; FAX: 1-204-726-6583; Toll Free: 1-800-262-3930
Room 107, 340 - 9th St., Brandon, MB R7A 6C2

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