Aboriginal/Cross-Cultural Literacy

**Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit formerly called Literacy and Continuing Education Branch

Native Literacy and Life Skills Curriculum Guidelines: A Resource Book for Adult Basic Education. BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology. 1990. LPM TR CD NAT

This resource book provides guidelines for providing basic literacy instruction, pre-employment and life-skills training, computational skills and Native cultural awareness. The book is divided into three parts: Understanding and Teaching Native Adults; Theme Units; and Selected References and Resource Materials. It is meant to be applicable in both urban and rural or on-reserve contexts, and directed toward students between a non-literate and Grade 5 literacy level.

The Theme Units included are: structure and function of traditional Native communities; producing a community newspaper; investigating a community issue; child care; looking at your community's schools; the Indian and non-Indian family in transition; identifying personal strengths and weaknesses; applying and interviewing for a job; Indian self-government; introduction to interpersonal communication; the critical consumer; personal values clarification.

Letters to Marcia: A Teacher's Guide to Anti-Racist Education. Lee, Enid. Cross-Cultural Communication Centre. Toronto. 1990. LPM TR CD LEE

This guide is designed for use by teachers in a school setting but the ideas and principles could be adapted for use with any kind of educational program. It provides information, analysis, and activities to enable you to use situations in daily work to contribute to anti-racist education. Included are letters, staff development notes, classroom activities, and resources.

The NESA Activities Handbook for Native and Multicultural Classrooms. Volume One. Sawyer, Don and Howard Green. Vancouver: Tillacum Library. 1984. LPM TR SN SAW

Taking an experiential learning approach, this handbook offers over twenty-five exercises selected for the ability to involve learners, to introduce and explain concepts, and for the capacity to have a meaningful impact on participants. The games focus on and develop attitudes necessary for multicultural awareness, and sensitivity. Designed for use in multicultural and Native classrooms, but an excellent resource for any adults interested in challenging stereotypes and incorporating community issues into literacy learning.

The NESA Activities Handbook for Native and Multicultural Classrooms. Volume Two Sawyer, Don and Art Napolean. Vancouver: Tillacum Library. 1991. LPM TR SN SAW

"A second volume of educational culture-sensitive activities tested and designed for use in Native and multicultural classrooms, developed by the Native Education Services Associates. The activities stress the importance of culture in students' lives, and teaches them basic personal and community related skills so they may become more self-reliant and culturally responsible." Like the first volume, the activities in this book are appropriate to use with adult learners in a group setting.

Stages of Learning, Building a Native Curriculum. Candline, Mary. Literacy and Continuing Education**, Manitoba Education and Training. LPM TR D SPA CAN

"This curriculum guide is designed to give teachers and tutors a model for designing multi-level activities for literacy groups. Several activities include simplified versions of reading selections. Many of the vocabulary, writing and spelling activities should be helpful when thinking about activities you could design for other materials." The curriculum is composed of three sections, each contained in its own booklet: 1) Teacher's Guide, 2) Student Activities and Research Unit, 3) Information for an Indian/Metis Trivia Game.

An Anthology. Writing the Circle, Native Women of Western Canada. Reneault, Jeanne and Sylvia Vancel (eds). Edmonton: NeWest Publishers Limited. 1991 LPM LM FP C WRI

Native Literacy Resources. An Annotated Bibliography. Purton, Debbie. Parklands Regional College. 1994. LPM TR A REF PUR

Our Bit of Truth, An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature. Grant, Agnes (ed) Winnipeg: Pemican Publications Inc. 1990. LPM LM FP C GRA

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