** Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit formerly Literacy and Continuing Education Branch

Anti-Racist, Anti-Sexist Education: A Handbook of Resources. Toronto: Ontario Literacy Coalition. 1992. LPM TR CD ANT

An annotated listing of resources supporting the development and production of anti-racist, anti-sexist curriculum materials for literacy workers.

Books for Adult New Readers, Sixth Edition. Cleveland, OH Project: LEARN. 1991. LPM TR REF PUR

A sample collection and annotated bibliography of low level reading materials of adult interest. Entries include publication information, prices, and descriptions. Titles represent fiction, non-fiction, periodicals, tutor resources, and guides to software for the adult new reader. This book lists over 700 titles and is organized in a handy to use format.

Reader Development Bibliography: Books Recommended for Adult New Readers. Fourth Edition. Revised and annotated by Vielde L. Collins. Philadelphia: The Free Library of Philadelphia. 1990. LPM TR A REF COL

An annotated list of printed literacy materials for adult new readers. These paperback instructional titles, many in workbook format are for use with ABE and ESL students. Priority has been given to easy to use material that is helpful to volunteer tutors and independent learners. Special features include ABE and ESL level charts for identifying reading levels. Titles are divided into the following categories: leisure reading, biography, community and family life, jobs, reading and writing, arithmetic, science, religion, the world, ESL, materials for tutors and teachers. Also included are two appendices of literacy materials for deaf adults, and addresses of publishers and distributors.

Resource Reading List 1990. Annotated Bibliography of Resources by and About Native People. Toronto: Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native Peoples. 1990. LPM TR A REF VER

A collection of writings by and about Native peoples and cultures, this book attempts to indicate the most useful resources for the general public, schools, colleges, libraries, bookstores, and Native cultural centres, and organizations. Titles are arranged to reflect the "Native way of seeing", and publication information is provided in addition to descriptive annotations. The selection includes books for children, youth, and adults, teaching resources, Français lists, periodicals, publishers, and audio-visual sources.

Suggested Resources For Literacy Programs. Second Edition. Revised and Expanded by Janet Regehr. Manitoba Literacy and Continuing Education Branch**. 1994. LPM TR A REF REG

This catalogue contains an extensive list of books, and resources. The various topics selected are: reading, spelling and vocabulary, writing, learner/tutor writings, numeracy, print materials, games and concrete materials, social studies, science, GED preparation aboriginal materials, ESL, life skills, leisure reading, and teacher resources. Each title is accompanied by a description and publication information. A core resource list, and a list of publishers are also offered.

Native Literacy Resources. An Annotated Bibliography. Purton, Debbie. Parklands Regional College. 1994. LPM TR A REF PUR

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