Basic Skills with Whole Numbers, A Step-by-Step Approach. Howett. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall Regents. 1980. LPM LM MA HOW v.1

This book is filled with exercises that can be used to gain skill in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers. Throughout the book are word problems that provide the chance to apply these skills to real life problems.

Math in Everyday Life. Newton, David. Portland, Maine: J. Weston Walch, Publisher. 1991. LPM LM MA NEW

While this book teaches the numeracy skills that are used in everyday life, it does so using an innovative approach by following the daily accounts and financial problems of a family. The chapters focus on various lessons from budget planning, to mortgage loans, to life insurance. Questions, activities, and forms make this a very hands on resource.

The Numeracy Pack. Coben, Diana and Sandy Black. London: Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit. 1984. LPM TR NU COB

This pack consists of four booklets filled with easy to use exercises and explanations of basic number calculations, fractions decimals, percentages, and measurements.

Banking for Adult Readers. Calgary: ACCESS Alberta. 1981. LPM LM LS B BAN

Numbers Start Here. London: The Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit 1983. LPM TR MA NUM

Working with Numbers. Ideas and Examples for Numeracy Worksheets. London: Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit, and the Friends Centre, Brighton. 1982. LPM TR MA GAB

In addition to the above listing the LPM Resource Centre also carries a wide variety of Math series titles containing useful lessons and applications.

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