Winnipeg Public Library Resources

The Right to Read: Tutor's Handbook for the SCIL Program (Student Centred Individualized Learning). Carpenter, Tracy. Frontier College Press, 1986. Winnipeg Public Library call no. 374.012 CAR)

Teach Someone to Read: A Step-by-step Guide for Literacy Tutors. Rosenthal, Nadine. Belmont, CA.: Fearon Education. 1987. Winnipeg Public Library call no. 428.4 ROS

"A step-by-step guide for literacy tutors of adult new learners. The program covers background information on illiteracy, lists suggested lesson plans and provides diagnostic tests to determine students' abilities. Comprehension development and word recognition are two main elements of the program.


Bluffing It. A Nabisco Showcase Presentation. 1987. (95 mins)

An acclaimed movie about a man's struggle to become literate. Starring Dennis Weaver, Janet Carroll and James Sadwith. (Call no. VHS 5346)

Bluffing-It II Ohlmeyer Communications. 1987. (13 mins)

With Christopher Sands and Cleavant Derricks. (Call no. VHS 5343)

I Want to Read. Mid-Com, Inc. 1988.

With P. Newman. (Call no. VHS 6332)

I Want to Read Two Too. Mid-Com, Inc. 1989.

(call no. VHS 7106)

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