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Nova Scotia's Provincial Berry


A famous Nova Scotian fruit is the blueberry. The wild blueberry is native to Nova Scotia and has always been a favourite. On January 11, 1996, the House of Assembly declared the wild blueberry the Provincial Berry of Nova Scotia.

Blueberry picking has humble beginnings. Many of us remember our grandparents, parents, or even ourselves telling blueberry picking stories. Usually it was a story of a long walk to the perfect blueberry patch and the long time spent picking berries in the hot sun. Then the berries were sold for very little. When I was a young child, we were lucky to get $2.00 a quart. Boy, has blueberry picking come a long way!

The blueberry mainly grows in northeastern North America. Unlike the cranberry, blueberries are very sweet.

The wild blueberry grows on a low bush. Wild blueberries grow best on abandoned farmland or in a clearing in the forest. Also wild blueberries grow well in acid soils that are well-drained.

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