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The information for the story is from Grolier Inc.'s The New Book of Knowledge and the following Internet site accessed 10/16/02:

The Nova Scotia Climate

"What's the weather going to be like?"

"Kind of nasty?"

Never a day passes without someone talking about the weather. It seems to enter into everybody's conversation each day -- and there is a lot to talk about when we are faced with Nova Scotia weather!

Nova Scotia is located on Canada's east coast. The sea that surrounds the peninsula of Nova Scotia certainly has an effect on the climate. Climates in other parts of the world are also affected by how near they are to the oceans. Nova Scotia's maritime climate is influenced by the cold air masses coming from the centre of Canada and the warm air masses from the Atlantic Ocean.

Nova Scotia's climate, as all climates in the world, is affected by the distance it is located from the Equator and how high above sea level the land is.

Winters in Nova Scotia can be cold, harsh, and windy, but they are most often relatively mild, especially in the southern regions. Warm air coming from the south usually brings rain while cold air form the north usually brings snow.

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