The Book of Changes Project

The Book of Changes is a collection of stories by adult literacy learners who share their experiences about what literacy means to their lives. The project was started 3 years ago as a way of showing government decision-makers how important literacy programs are in the lives of real people across Canada.

We received dozens of submissions. Some were long, some were short but all of them were special, unique and heartfelt. The one common message was that learning literacy skills changes lives in many different ways. Since 2002, the Book of Changes has traveled to Parliament Hill and other important meetings. Some of the messages have been included at conferences and in reports. Many decision-makers have told us how powerful it is to find out about the experiences of adults with low literacy. New learners are also encouraged and inspired when they read the stories because they realize they are not alone.

Now it is time to expand the Book of Changes. During 2005 - 2006, we would like to add more stories to the Book and keep it constantly growing. We will also create a print edition so that it is more widely available. Here's how you can help:

Are you someone who has experienced literacy challenges as an adult? Do you know someone who has returned to learning as an adult? Then we need your help to build our collection! Send us your story.
Read the stories by other adult literacy learners from across Canada. To open the book, click on the picture below.

Photo image of the original "Book of Changes"

a project of: The Movement for Canadian Literacy's Learners Advisory Network

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