The Tool Bar

The tool bar is made up of frequently used commands in a program, a shortcut of sorts to the heading listed on the menu bar. It is located just below the menu bar and has little pictures, also known as Icons, showing what each task does. The icons can be different in different software programs, but we will explore what the ones in Microsoft Works do.

Font drop down menu Choose a font (style of text)

Font size drop down menu Choose a font size
Open button Open an new or existing document, use a template, choose a Works Wizard
Save button Save a document
Print button Print a document using current print settings
Print preview button Switch to print preview, to preview your page before printing it out
Cut highlighted items button Cut highlighted text, charts, drawings, or other objects
Copy button Copy highlighted text, charts, drawings, or other objects
Paste button Paste text, charts, drawings or other objects
Bold button Makes highlighted text bold
Italics button Makes highlighted text italic
Underline button Underlines highlighted text

Alignment button Left, Center and Right text justification on page

Easy format button Easy Format (inserts your initials etc.). Bullets button Adds bullets to document

Reference button Look up Reference in another program Spell check button Spell check Address book button Address Book

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