Exploring the Help Tutorials

We will try some exercises in using the Microsoft Works Help Tutorials

If you did not download this exercise sheet, you may have to type the sentences prior to trying the exercises.

  1. Click on the help file, located in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

  2. When the pop up box appears, under the heading of index, and under the number 1, type the words Editing text.

  3. Look in the list under the number 2 and click once on the editing text heading.

  4. Click once on To replace highlighted text WP. The instructions on how to replace highlighted text will appear with step by step instructions.

  5. Click on the green word highlight for a definition of how to highlight text.

  6. Close out of the pop up help box, but not the step by step instructions one.

  7. Follow the step by step instructions and change the word cat to mouse in the sentence below.

    The cat ate the cheese.

Try the exercise again only this time:

  1. Type the word spell in the number 1 box. It should come up as spelling checker.

  2. In the number 2 spot, click once on the yellow folder and open the drop down menu.

  3. Look for the help tutorial called To check spelling. Follow the steps and check the spelling of this next sentence.

    The mouse ate the cheeze.

  4. Shrink help when finished.

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