Using Writing Tools

Spell Check

Spell check is used to quickly check through your text document to find any spelling mistakes. It is located on the Tool bar , it is a check mark with ABC. It is also located under Tool on the Menu Bar.

Do not just rely on Spell Check. ALWAYS proofread your work!!!

To use the computer to check your document for spelling mistakes, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the top of your document.

  2. Click on the ABC with the check mark or click on Tools then Spelling.

  3. The program will begin to check your work automatically.

  4. When the program finds any words it does not recognize, it will tell you it is a spelling mistake. It will pick up your name, name of cities, postal codes and double words i.e. that that.

  5. The misspelled word will appear in the spell check command box as Not Found.

  6. Under the misspelled word is a box called Change to, and below that is a list of suggestions.

  7. There are different options available: Ignore, Ignore all, Change, Change all, Add, Suggest and Cancel.
    Ignore - Will ignore the spelling error once
    Ignore All - will ignore all the same misspelled word throughout the letter
    Change - chooses the word the program suggests
    Change all - will change all the same misspelled word in the letter
    Add - will allow you to add a word to the dictionary
    Suggest - computer will make some suggestions for correcting the word
    Cancel - will cancel the spell check

  8. If you are not sure about the correct spelling, you could look it up in the dictionary.

  9. When the spell check is finished, a box will appear: Spell Check Finished. Click OK.

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