About the Program

The version of Microsoft Works that this course was developed from, was Microsoft Works for Windows 95, version 4.5.

Names and addresses of persons used in this course were either supplied from the templates within the Version 4.5 program or have been entirely made up. Any similarities to actual people is purely accidental.

This course was developed with step-by-step instructions and exercises, to help make learning how to use the Microsoft Works program easy. However, there is no substitute for using the instruction manual that comes with the Microsoft Works program manual.

It is highly recommended that you have a good command of a Windows Operating System (Windows 3.1, 95 or 98) before beginning this program. There is a checklist at the start that will allow you to check off your computer skills, making sure that they are sufficient before beginning the Microsoft Works course.

Some of the exercises should be downloaded and saved to a disk, so that the re-typing of the exercises won't be necessary. Other exercises can be created by the student.

The pages are not numbered, so that if a student has had prior computer experience, they can skip the lessons covering the skills that they already have.

This program was created to help our students at Renfrew County Community Upgrading Program learn Microsoft Works and computers, in a format that they were comfortable with.

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