Inserting Clipart into Text Files

Inserting a picture into a text file, can make the file come to life. You can insert some pretty fancy graphics into your file and it's not hard to do.

To Insert Clipart into Document

  1. Make sure the cursor is flashing at the spot you want to clipart to be placed.
  2. Click on INSERT on the Menu bar, then on CLIPART. A pop up box appears.
  3. Using the scroll bar at the right hand side of the box, scroll through till you find an image that you like.
  4. Click once on the image and then click on insert.

The computer will automatically place the image where the cursor is. From there you can move it around on the page or re-size it.

To Move Clipart

  1. Have the cursor flashing in front of the picture.
  2. To center image or align it to the left or right, use the alignment keys on the Tool bar.
  3. Click on the alignment that you want and clipart will move to that position.

To Re-size Clipart

  1. Click once on the clipart image, this will display small boxes around image.
  2. Move the mouse over one of the boxes located at the corners or edge of image.
  3. The arrow will turn into a two headed arrow on one of the boxes. Hold down on the left mouse button to resize, release the button when size suits you.

If you use the boxes at the corners of the image, it will re-size the image so it remains square.

If you use the boxes located halfway around the edges of the image, it will re-size the image either vertically or horizontally, depending on which one you use.

To Type Text Around Image

  1. Click once so the boxes appear around clipart image.
  2. Click on Format on the Menu bar.
  3. Click on Text Wrap, then on ABSOLUTE, this allows you to type around image. Inline allows you to type under or above image.
  4. Click OK to verify your changes and to get you back to working screen.

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