Clipart Exercises

We are going to be inserting clipart (images) into our documents, and aligning them to the right, left and center of the page. We will also be re-sizing the picture.

To Insert Clipart into Document

  1. Make sure your cursor is flashing at the spot where you want to insert the clipart.
  2. Click on Insert on the Menu bar.
  3. Look for the word CLIPART and click on it. A pop up box will appear.
  4. Select an image by clicking once on it.
  5. Click on Insert. The image is placed where the cursor is flashing.

Exercise 1

  1. Select a clipart image, then click on insert.
  2. Make sure there are little boxes around the image. If not click once on the image.
  3. Move your mouse arrow over to one of the corner.
  4. When it turns into a two headed arrow, click and hold down the left mouse button.
  5. Resize the clipart image to the size of a postage stamp.
  6. Release the mouse button.
  7. Make sure the cursor is flashing in front of the image.
  8. Align the image to the right of the page.
  9. Click anywhere on the screen to get rid of the boxes.

Exercise 2

Repeat the exercise again, only this time:

  1. Make the image about 1 x1.
  2. Align the image to the center of the screen.
  3. Click anywhere on the screen to get rid of the boxes.

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