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In Maclean’s article, The ABCs of Classroom Fun, September 22, 2003, Sue Ferguson looked at several programs that explore fresh ways of inspiring kids by bringing artists and teachers together as partners in learning through the arts. For full article:

Calgary Arts Partners in Education Society (CAPES)

CAPES is non-profit charitable society established in 1995 and operated by a volunteer board in partnership with leading Calgary arts organizations, both Calgary school boards and community volunteers. Through the collaboration of artists and educators, Calgary Arts Partners in Education envisions all students learning core curriculum through the arts in an active learning environment. They believe this arts-infused approach will support students to be critical, creative thinkers, collaborative learners and active citizens, contributing to increased academic achievement and lifelong learning.

Contact Information:
Willow Glen Business Park
#8 Manning Close NE, 3rd Floor
Calgary, AB T2E 7N5
Tel: (403) 294-6347
Fax: (403) 294-6301

Learning Through The Arts (LTTA)

Learning Through the Arts is an international educational initiative dedicated to changing the way the core curriculum is taught and learned in public schools. Math is taught through visual art, language through song, science through dance, and social studies through storytelling.

Lesson plans, demonstration videos and inspiring messages from LTTA artists are now offered on-line through this site at:

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ArtsSmarts is the largest education initiative in Canada dedicated to improving the lives and learning capacity of Canadian children by injecting arts into their academic programs. ArtsSmarts provides seed capital to a wide range of locally initiated arts and education ventures, allowing them to grow and build the momentum they need to attract sustainable funding. It inspires collaboration among local arts, education and community agencies to sustain arts-infused education programs shaped by local priorities and community needs.

This style of education opens up a new way of learning for children and breathes creative energy into a community. It creates synergy between artists and educators, motivates parents, attracts volunteers and connects students, and schools to the unique communities in which they live.

Contact Information:
Michele McIntosh
ArtsSmarts Program Administrator
Canadian Conference of the Arts
804 - 130 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4
Tel: (613) 238-3561, ext. 15
Fax: (613) 238-4849