1. Interviews

    Requests for interviews involving policy issues or program and service issues are referred to the Minister responsible.

    Announcement of new or changed policies, programs and services or government positions, approved by the Executive Council, must be made by the Minister responsible or any other person directed to do so by the Executive Council.

    Explanation or discussion of established policies, programs and services may be provided by the deputy head or designated spokespersons.
  1. Corporate Identity

    All printed or electronic materials and video or film presentations, as well as government buildings, construction signage and moving equipment must be properly identified with the appropriate visual identifier in accordance with guidelines issued by the Premier.
  1. Advertising

    Advertising is an essential component of the communications process and must be easily understood and recognized as a product of government. All advertising must conform to provisions of this Policy and be approved in accordance with communications guidelines issued by the Premier.
  1. Prerogative of the Executive Council

    Nothing in this Policy shall in any way be construed to limit the prerogative of the Executive Council to make decisions or take action with respect to communications outside the provisions of this Policy.

Premier and Chairman of the  
Executive Council