Appendix 1: Proposed Policy

Chapter 0: Plain Language in Government

This Chapter includes:
0.1    Objectives
0.2    Application
0.3    Background
0.4    Accountability
0.5    Policy Directives
0.6    Guidelines
0.7    Training
0.8    Timelines

  1. Monitoring
  2. References

0.1    Objectives:

The province of Nova Scotia is committed to improving communications with Nova Scotians. The objectives of this policy are to

  • make it easier for Nova Scotians to understand and use government information
  • save time, effort, and money for the public and reduce errors for government
  • improve government’s accountability to Nova Scotians

0.2    Application:

This policy applies to any form of written communication, including written materials provided by outside suppliers or internal committees that are intended for the public. It includes the following:

  • news releases and brochures
  • memos, notices, and letters
  • application forms, licences, permits, and approvals
  • regulations and contracts
  • consultation papers and policy papers