Employability Skills Worksheet

Em-ploy-a-bil-i-ty Skills are what you get when you combine basic workplace skills and personal qualities. They are also the skills needed to keep a job. Employability skills are useful on any job. They are also the skills needed to move quickly from job to job during your working years.

Activity #11

Check checkmarkall the skills that you have.

Key Area

Good Workers

Personal values

box are honest
box are "go getters"
box have personal and job goals
box have a good attitude

Problem-solving and
Decision-making skills

box are open to new ideas
box have new ideas
box are open to change
box plan their work

People skills

box are team players
box are friendly
box can cooperate
box can lead others
box accept authority
box respect differences between people

Communication skills

box ask questions and listen well
box express themselves clearly
box seek help when needed

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