Other Kinds of Sentences

At the beginning of this chapter, you learned that a simple sentence is one complete thought and has a subject (or subjects) and a verb (or verbs). Now you will learn other types of sentences and how to write them.

Compound Sentence

A compound sentence is like a compound word. A compound word is two separate words that are put together to make one.

cross + walk = crosswalk

A compound sentence is like that. It takes two or more complete sentences and puts them together. Remember, you have to use a comma before a connecting word like "and", "but" or "or" if you're making a compound sentence.

The grass is green. + The flowers are beautiful. =

The grass is green and the flowers are beautiful.

Complex Sentence

A complex sentence has a simple sentence and an idea or ideas that won't stand alone.
Simple sentence = The dog buries a bone.
Idea that can't stand alone = that wears a red collar.

Complex sentence:
The dog, that wears a red collar, buries the bone.

Review Sentence Types
The sentences below will give you a better idea of simple, compound and complex sentences.


Justin went to Vancouver.
Subject = Justin
Verb = went

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