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Leveraging Government and Industry Partnerships for Essential Skills Training – Case Study [Video]

Canada's 21st century workplace needs a workforce that's efficient, effective and adaptable, and Canadians need the skills required to be successful at work. All of which depends on workers having the appropriate combination of the nine essential skills.

But Canadian employers continue to report skilled labour shortages, and workers with essential skills gaps struggle to find and maintain meaningful employment. Meanwhile, advancing workplace technology and changing workplace requirements are raising the bar for essential skills-based knowledge required to support workplace success. Clearly, innovative solutions are needed.

Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM) has been researching, developing and delivering innovative workplace essential skills solutions for 20 years. Last year alone, WEM partnered with over 200 organizations and provided skills development support to more than 5,000 Manitobans.

Identifying The Needs

Convey-All Industries
Winkler, Manitoba

With customized Essential Skills training, Convey-All's workers have the skills they need for greater success on the job.

Operating in Winkler, Manitoba since 1983, Convey-All Industries is a leading manufacturer of conveyors for both agricultural and oil field usage across North America and the world. From their various plants, Convey-All produces several lines of products, as well as custom orders. Convey-All employs over 200 people, half of whom are recently-arrived, German-speaking workers from Europe. Factor in a small but growing number of employees from South and Central America, and essential skills needs related to an international milieu of workplace standards in the workplace were becoming increasingly problematic. Find out more about Convey-All's workplace training program.

Partnering to Customize Programs

Every organization is different. Every company has its own unique requirements. The key to a successful partnership is customization. It begins with understanding an organization's specific goals, whether it’s planning to implement a new process, reviewing training effectiveness or addressing issues in the workplace. This is achieved by quickly and accurately assessing the current essential skill levels of a workforce, as well as the levels needed to reach mutually agreed objectives. WEM needs assessments are available at no cost to the employer. The next step is collaboration; working with key people in the company to develop a training plan that meets time, quality and financial needs. From this will emerge customized learning materials that incorporate company-specific job task materials and processes. These are then delivered directly to workers via expert essential skills instructors, or by coaching an organization’s own in-house trainers. Sessions can take place on-site, or at a satellite location convenient to employees and management.

Once essential skills gaps have been resolved, businesses often notice soft returns in addition to hard business results. These can include increased participation, improved morale, enhanced employee engagement and improved team performance—all of which better equips an organization to address future challenges head-on.

Price Industries
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Along with gains in productivity, Price employees now view training as an important expression of employer commitment.

Price Industries in Winnipeg, Manitoba is a global leader in the manufacture and service of air distribution products. Their core business involves the production of a vast array of grilles, registers and diffusers (GRD) for small and large buildings around the world. They also make specialized GRD products to meet the stringent air quality requirements of hospitals and laboratories. This means Price’s own standards must be exacting, with little margin for error. Find out more about Price's workplace training program.

Zealous MediSpa
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Owner Jessica LoRusso wondered how her small business could keep operating if her staff were occupied in training..and found that WEM had a plan.

Zealous MediSpa provides safe, non surgical treatments for correcting or diminishing facial conditions like aging, wrinkles, acne, and dull or lifeless skin. They also address body concerns through inch, fat and weight loss treatments. As a small business with only six employees, Zealous MediSpa is a testament to the fact that essential skills programs can succeed across all business sectors and sizes. Find out more about Zealous MediSpa's workplace training program.

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