I. Writing Team

II. Acknowledgements

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III. Introduction

  1. What Is ESL Literacy?
  2. What Are ESL Literacy Benchmarks?
  3. Why Is Numeracy Included?
  4. Who Should Use The ESL Literacy Benchmarks?
  5. How Do The ESL Literacy Benchmarks Relate To The ESL For Adults Benchmarks?
  6. What Is The Content And Organization Of The ESL Literacy Benchmarks?
  7. How Are Students Likely To Progress Through The ESL Literacy Benchmarks?
  8. How Should The ESL Literacy Benchmarks Be Used?
  9. How Do People Learn To Read?
  10. What Are Some Suggestions For ESL Literacy Methodology?
  11. What Are Some Suggestions For Choosing Or Developing Materials?

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IV. CLB ESL Literacy Foundation Phase

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V. CLB ESL Literacy Phase I

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VI. CLB ESL Literacy Phase II

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VII. CLB ESL Literacy Phase III

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VIII. References

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