Beyond Recruitment is the result of the collaborative efforts of the Project Team. Team members planned, authored, facilitated, evaluated and provided technical expertise throughout the research, implementation and evaluation phases of the project.

Community Literacy of Ontario staff and volunteers:

  • Vicki Trottier, Project Co-Ordinator
  • Joanne Kaattari, Executive Director
  • Jette Cosburn, Administrative Assistant
  • Lee Torvi, Reference Group Member
  • CLO's Board of Directors

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs staff:

  • Brita Ball, Rural Community Advisor
  • Cheryl Brine, Rural Community Advisor
  • Denise Edwards, Volunteer Management Specialist
  • Susan Leuty, Rural Community Advisor

Other key partners were involved with the success of this initiative. Direct funding was provided through the financial support of:

  • National Literacy Secretariat (HRDC)

The electronic conferencing system was provided by AlphaPlus Centre. Posting of modules using colours and graphics was provided by:

  • Alan Cherwinski, Webmaster

The online evaluation was made possible with the assistance of the National Adult Literacy Database.

Finally, we wish to thank the workshop participants who experimented with this new method of learning - we appreciate your time and effort!

Our sincere thanks to you all!

For more information on this workshop, please contact:
Community Literacy of Ontario
80 Bradford Street, Suite 508
Barrie ON L4N 6S7
705-733-2312 (t) / 705-733-6197 (f)

Developed for print July 2000

Community Literacy of Ontario is funded by the
Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities

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