Learner Skill Attainment (LSA) Footnote 1 was a large-scale research initiative designed to assist Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) learners in Ontario move more easily among the programs that serve their educational and training needs. The initiative identified five pathways that LBS learners take to transition to greater independence, employment or further education and training. Assessment approaches and instruments based on Essential Skills were explored for each pathway. A long-term plan for the development of a valid LSA Framework was proposed.

The College Sector Committee (CSC), as lead project, sincerely thanks everyone who participated in and supported the initiative.

The CSC particularly acknowledges the dedication and hard work of the Framework Development Project Team: Dee Goforth, Robyn Cook-Ritchie, Aleksandra Popovic, Jane Barber and Donald Lurette. Also known as the "Pink Team", this group of five accepted the enormous challenge of developing a comprehensive assessment framework that would meet the accountability needs of the learner, the service provider and the funder.

Warm thanks go to Donna Palmer, Carol MacLeod, Linda Conley, Therese Morgan, Joanna Taylor and Elaine Nadalin for interesting discussions about Essential Skills, assessment and learner transition during the initial stages of the initiative.

The CSC also recognizes the valuable contributions made by T. Scott Murray and Dr. Theresa Kline who served in an advisory capacity for the initiative. Scott Murray helped get the initiative off the ground while Dr. Kline joined in the final stages of the initiative to guide us through some particularly challenging validation issues related to the framework.

Special thanks are extended to the CSC Executive Director, Lynne Wallace, and the CSC Executive for taking the lead on this initiative and for providing direction and support throughout. In particular, we recognize the assistance of Sandi Hennessey, who provided the team with training in Essential Skills, and Barb Glass, who presented the LSA initiative at the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) 2008 conference.

The CSC values the financial support provided for the LSA initiative by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (TCU). The Project Team worked closely with Audrey Anderson, Field Consultant, and Jeremy Fortier, Coordinator, Program Development, with the Employment and Training Division of TCU. We appreciate their guidance and support.

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