Our recommendations appear on here. We hope they will be useful for institutions offering ABE/Literacy programs and ABE/Literacy practitioners, for groups planning a research project, and for funders. We expect that many of our readers who are experienced instructors will recognize their practice here; new instructors may see the passion for excellence in these pages as a reflection of the passion they, themselves, feel for the work, and may find the ideas and experience useful as they develop their practice.

We hope you will come to know the individual voices of the instructors who contributed their thoughts and ideas about teaching ABE/Literacy, and the research friends who guided the research process. We have gathered some information about the people who participated in the study in the final chapter, "Who Are We?". Autobiographical pieces by each of the practitioner researchers are followed by descriptions of the 17 interviewees who volunteered a wealth of information to this study. Finally, biographies of our research friends round off the list of contributors.

We are happy to have accomplished what we set out to do, that is, to document the thoughts, feelings, strategies and techniques of some effective literacy/ABE instructors, to honour the work and thinking of many instructors who have contributed so much over the years to ABE/Literacy work in BC, and to provide a way of preserving their knowledge for the field even as those individuals retire from it.


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