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Issue 4 Friday September 5, 1997

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Queen visits Stratford and opens renovated
festival theatre

STRATFORD -- While Prince Charles and Princess Diana made headlines across the world this summer, Stratford had its own royal news. Queen Elizabeth II spent a Saturday morning in this city during the long weekend in July.

Crowds of over 5,000 people, lined up five and six deep, filled the streets of Stratford to get a glimpse of the Queen of England. She arrived by helicopter just after 11 a.m. and then travelled by car to the Festival theatre. She toured the grounds and was greeted by many dignitaries. She also watched a rehearsal scene from The Taming of the Shrew.

She officially opened the renovated Festival Theatre by unveiling a plaque. She then left Stratford and went on a motorcade tour through Shakespeare and Tavistock and then headed on her way to her next location which was Brantford. She was greeted in each town with thousands of people waving Canadian flags and Union Jack flags.

This was the second time the Queen had visited Stratford. The first was in 1959, almost 40 years ago.

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Also thanks to the funder, National literacy Secretariat in partnership with the Ministry of Education & Training.

Dobbinton girl crowned as Miss Mid-west

WALKERTON -- A Bruce County teenager will be spending the next year feeling like a princess. That's because she was crowned Ontario Miss Mid-West in July. Cheryl Hammell, 17, is from Dobbinton, just outside of Chesley. She was one of 20 young women in the pageant.

The Miss Mid-West pageant is for any single woman aged 17 to 21 who has been crowned as a fair queen in their home town. The participants come from Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth and Wellington counties.

The pageant was held in Walkerton on July 26.

Cheryl has graduated from High School in Chesley. She will be attending Fanshaw College in London this fall to study broadcasting. She was sponsored by the Bruce County Plowman's Association.

Over the next year the will be invited to attend fairs, grand openings, public schools and other special events.

Runners-up in the pageant were Kathy Goodchin of Ripley; Jennifer McKinlay of Ravenna; Christine Pschung of Guelph; and Heather Sein of Listowel.

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West Perth new name

MITCHELL -- Four communities in Perth County have decided to join together and become one. The Town of Mitchell and the townships of Fullarton, Logan and Hibbert will start working together to form one community. The new community will be called West Perth. A contest was held to pick the name. Over 70 people sent in names, but five all suggested West Perth. One of the five people who suggested that name will get their name picked to win the $100 prize.

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Amish girl hit with beer bottle

MILVERTON -- A young Amish woman is still recovering from the pain of more than 50 stitches she needed in her face this summer.

Mary Kuepfer, 22, was hit by a beer bottle while she was riding home from a wedding on her horse and buggy. The bottle was thrown from a passing car.

Police tried to get fingerprints from the bottle to help them find the person who threw it, but they had no luck. Over $30,000 in reward money has been offered to anyone who can help find the person who committed this crime. Another fund has been set up to help pay for any of Mary's medical expenses. Mary's family does not have medical insurance. Thousands of dollars have been donated to that fund.

Mary was travelling with other people in the buggy, but she was the only one hit by the bottle. Doctors expect it may take a lot of time and a lot of surgery to fix the damage from the injury.

Anyone with information about the crime can contact Crime Stoppers. Anyone wanting to donate to the medical fund can call 1-800-952-2217.

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