Table of Contents


What Do I Need to Know about This Book?

How This Book Came to Be

What is a Feminist Curriculum?
by Kate Nonesuch

Women at the Centre of the Curriculum
by Janet Isserlis

Responding to Disclosures of Abuse in Women's Lives
by Jenny Horsman

Daily Lives
by Janet Isserlis

Exploring Learning and Identity
by Jenny Horsman

Self Esteem and Literacy
by Dorothee Komangapik

Gender Roles
by Kate Nonesuch

Cultural Awareness Activities
by Alice Li

Role Models
by Evelyn Battell

Women and Work
by Selvi Varathappan Dyck, Evelyn Battell,
Janet Isserlis and Kate Nonesuch

Tools for Building Self-Esteem
by Francene Gillis

Choosing Safer Sex
by Sue Mendel

Songs about Women's Issues
by Dharini Abeysekera

Poetry by Canadian Women
by Helen Winton

Women's Ways of Learning
by Linda Shohet

Women of Courage: Herstory
by Anne Moore and the Women's Group of Action Read


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