Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women (CCLOW)

1980-1985 Establishing the new organization: Developing programs and policy to promote women's learning

1980 CCLOW and Mount St. Vincent University co-sponsoredThe Education Connection, a national conference held in Halifax
1981 CCLOW incorporated as a national, non-profit organization with the following objects:
  1. to promote learning opportunities for Canadian women to improve their political, economic and social status;
  2. to receive, acquire and hold gifts, donations, legacies and devises;
  3. to do all such other things which in the opinion of the Board of Directors are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
CCLOW elected its first Board of Directors
Susan McCrae Vander Voet was hired as Executive Director
CCLOW moved to new office at 692 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto.
1982 CCLOW acquired charitable status
National conference on Women and the Impact of Micro-technology was co-sponsored by CCLOW and three other national women's organizations
First issue of Women's Education des femmes published in newsletter format
1983 CCLOW presented brief on Paid Skills Development Leave, prepared by Jane Adams and entitled First Things First: Equity for women through paid skills development leave
Women's Learning Resource Centre started
1984 National conference, Educating for change: Women in the next decade held in Toronto
CCLOW published second study on literacy, Women and adult basic education in Canada: An exploratory study, written by Paula DeCoito
CCLOW-Saskatchewan released study on the National Training Act, submitting conclusions and recommendations to the Canadian Employment and Immigration Commission
CCLOW-Yukon produced resource booklet on women and non-traditional occupations
CCLOW moves to larger office at 47 Main Street, Toronto
1985 CCLOW launched a project on the UN Decade for Women, sent Past-President Lisa Avedon to Forum '85
CCLOW President, Joan Brown-Hicks, attended World Assembly of ICAE (International Council for Adult Education)
Bridging Program for Women launched in Regina by CCLOW-Saskatchewan as the national demonstration project for women's bridging programs
Women's Education des femmes transformed into a magazine

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