Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women (CCLOW)

A few examples of CCLOW's accomplishments

  • CCLOW: the only feminist adult education organization in Canada (Shauna Butterwick's article in Foundations of adult education in Canada)

  • has been a voice for women's education and training in Canada through the writing and presentation of over 50 briefs at the national and provincial/territorial levels

  • produced Women's Education des femmes, the only magazine in Canada dedicated to women's learning issues; the only national feminist adult education journal in Canada (Butterwick)

  • one of the founding mothers of several national and provincial/territorial coalitions; e.g. Women's Consultation Network (The Gang of 23)

  • first women's adult education organization to be invited to be a full member of ICAE (International Council for Adult Education)

  • developed consensus-based models for decision-making and consultations; e.g. used in the 1986 Emergency Consultation on the Women's Program

Areas of focus that CCLOW has sustained over
time and accomplishments in each of these areas

Educational Equity

  • conducted several research studies on women's status in education and training
  • - Decade of Promise: An assessment of Canadian women's status in education, training and employment, 1976-1985
  • Women's education and training in Canada: A policy analysis by Susan Wismer
  • created and offered a scholarship program for women returning to high school
  • prepared and presented a brief on social security reform in collaboration with other national women's organizations (fall 1994)
  • designed and held workshops in Prince Albert, Montreal, Whitehorse, and Toronto on violence as a barrier to women's education (1993-1995)

Education and Training for Labour Market Equity

  • monitored government training policy and provided leadership nationally and regionally around women's training issues
  • in the early 1970's, the pre-CCLOW committees worked on issues affecting "transitional" women, mature women returning to learning in order to get employment
  • prepared and presented First things first, a brief on equity for women through paid skills development leave (1983)
  • CCLOW-Saskatchewan completed a study on the National Training Act and its impact on women. Presented to CEIC. (1984)
  • created the bridging program model for women's training and founded the Bridging Program in Regina, Saskatchewan and WISE (Women Into Successful Employment) program in St. John's, Newfoundland (mid to late 80's)
  • published a special issue of WEDF on "What's happening to women's training in Canada?"
  • was chosen by Employment and Immigration Canada to design and undertake the consultation process to select the Women's Representative to the Canadian Labour Force Development Board; process led to the formation of the National Women's Reference Group (NWRG) on Labour Market Issues.

Women and Literacy/Adult Basic Education

  • MacKeracher's two studies on women and literacy:
    - Adult basic education for women: A model for policy development (1978)
    - Adult basic education for women: A model for policy development (1979)
  • Women and adult basic education in Canada: An exploratory study by Paula A.DeCoito (1984)
  • participated in the development of the Cedar Glen Declaration on adult literacy in 1986-87
  • member of Canadian Alliance for Literacy
  • Literacy materials for women project
  • fostered the development and work of the Feminist Literacy Workers Alliance
  • 3-year research study on women and literacy resulted in three publications including The power of woman-positive literacy work. Twelve literacy programs worked for 18 months on a woman-positive activity specific to their needs.
  • Making Connections: Literacy and EAL materials from a feminist perspective a collection of lesson plans and resources created by a group of literacy workers
  • Too scared to learn: Women, violence and education by Jenny Horsman, based on research with literacy learners in a project called But I'm Not a Therapist (BINAT).

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