The Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women has published A WORKING MAJORITY: WHAT WOMEN MUST DO FOR PAY, by Pat and Hugh Armstrong. It reveals what women say about paid work and examines the current position of women in the labour force. $4.95 in Canada from Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Ottawa, K1A OS9.

FEMALE SEXUAL SLAVERY, by Kathleen Barry, $3.95, Avon Books, explores the social, political and economic patterns which create sexual slavery.

by Deborah Barndt, Ferne Cristall and Dian Marino is a story of immigrant women surviving in and adapting to a new culture. Along with photostories are short background essays on immigrant women and work. The book contains a step-by-step introduction to "How the Photostories were Made" and an activities and discussion guide. It will be of interest not only to E.S.L., literacy classes and employment programs, but also to those involved in union education, community organizations and women's groups. $8.95 from' between the lines' 427 Bloor St., W. Toronto, M5S 1X7

CULTURE AND ADULT EDUCATION: A STUDY OF ALBERTA AND QUEBEC, by Hayden Roberts. A study of the socio-politics of adult education. It pursues the hypothesis that the general pattern of adult education is shaped by the dominant social philosophy or culture of the region. The study examines the public and private sectors and their different emphases on adult education needs and resources. $25.00 cloth, $12.50 paper, University of Alberta Press, 450 Athabasca Hall, Edmonton, T6G 2E8.

TAKE BACK THE NIGHT: WOMEN ON PORNOGRAPHY, Laura Lederer, Ed., $11.95, Gage. A thought- provoking collection of articles: interviews, research and calls to action by leaders in the struggle to counter violence against women.

The bilingual report by the Ontario Standing Committee on Social Development FIRST REPORT ON FAMILY VIOLENCE: WIFE BATTERING, is introduced by the statement "Wife battering is an intolerable act of criminal violence. Government and society must respond to this serious social problem by changing attitudes so that wife battering is no longer condoned." Office of the Clerk of the House, Legislative Building, Toronto, M7A 1A2.

PRENDRE SA PLACE Un guide sur l'action politique est disponible au Conseil Consultatif sur la condition de la femme du Nouveau Brunswick, 386, rue St. George Moncton, N.., E1C 1X2

Women and Part-time Work by Julie White is a new publication by the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women. It examines the current position of women in the labour force and critique of current legislation. $3.95, Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Ottawa, KIA OS9

Against OUR Will: Men, Women and Rape Susan Brownmiller, $4.95, Bantam Books
An eye-opening revelation about rape and other violent crimes committed against women which tells us so much about the hidden currents of female-male relationships.

The Canadian Council on Social Development has several new Publications available:

Social Policies for the Eighties ( $9.95) looks at the present problems in Canadian social policy and suggests solutions to respond to these problems.

Helping You Help Me: A Guide- book for Self Help Groups (free) is a practical guide to starting and maintaining a self-help group.

Canadian Fact Book on Poverty ($7.95) written by David Ross dramatically informs the reader on the state of poverty in Canada.

Directory of Canadian Human Services 1982-83 ($35.00) contains 22,000 listings on more than 14,000 organizations divided geographically for ease of use.

The above 4 books are available in both French as well as English.

Also available are: Native Children and the Child Welfare System ($9.95) presenting updated statistics on the number of children in care in Canada and explaining why such a disproportionately large number are Native; Le Credit: Un Endettement a Vie recommendations du rapport portent sur les principes de pret, la prevention du surenddettement l'assistance au debiteurs, les problemes qui se posent auz proprietaires d'habitations et les domaines qui requierent d'avantages de recherche.

All the above are available from:

Publications CCDS
55 Parkdale
P.O. Box 3505, Station "C"
Ottawa, Ontario. K1Y 4G1


Vancouver Women in Focus Society, a feminist arts and media centre, distributes films and videotapes made by and about women. Their catalogue is available for $2.00 from the Society. Suite 204, 456 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C , V5Y 1R3

The National Film Board's 1983 Catalogue is now available in English or French from the Board at: P.O. Box 6100, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3H5.

Comment conjuger amour et securite L'Association feminine d'Education et d'Action Sociale vient de publier un guide concernant les contrats de mariage. Le contenu est, en partie, applicable uniquement au Quebec.
Pour l'obtenir: AFAES, 180, boul est, Bureau 200, Montreal, Quebec, H2X 1N6

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